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Foodie wisdom: 10 Portuguese sayings inspired in food – Part II

Typical Portuguese bread


  1. Having more eyes than belly – Wanting something that you do not really need. Similar to “have eyes bigger than your stomach”.
  2. Who does not eat for having eaten … has no danger of disease – When you lose your appetite for eating before meals.
  3. Who is not to eat, is not to work – When someone eats too slow.
  4. An orange in the morning is gold, silver at noon and kills in the evening – Popular saying about the benefits (or harms) of eating oranges depending on time of the day.
  5. Grain to grain the hen fills her crop – Person who slowly gets everything.
  6. House where there is no bread, all get angry and no one has reason – When the lack of food at home is half way to have family problems.
  7. By the mouth dies the fish – For those who think they know everything, talk a lot, but then regret that atittude.
  8. The hasty eat’s it raw – It is said of the hurried people and when someone do things without planning.
  9. Eat the bread which the devil flatted – Go through various adversities. Similar to “(someone) been to hell and back”.
  10. Each one pulls the coal to its sardines – Each one tells the story in his own way. Similar to “Different strokes for different folks”

Man frying fish