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Feifei and Joel – From LA to Lisbon

American couple in Lisbon

We found Feifei and Joel near Chapitô, looking for the entrance to the St. George Castle. On vacation for two weeks, the couple left Los Angeles and went to discover Iberia.

– We landed in Barcelona and rented a car. We have visited Saragossa, Madrid and Lisbon now.
– And why Lisbon?
– I was born in Macau and my mother’s best friend was Portuguese. So I always had curiosity to visit the country. Joel did not want to come, but I asked and pleaded very much (laughs).

Housed in Pateo Lisbon Lounge Suites, the couple was visibly pleased with the condition of the apartments. “The place is amazing, from the apartments, to the garden and pool, and in the city centre.”

The mild temperature of Lisbon has captivated the couple, but not as much as “almond tarts”, elected by Joel as his favourite. “They are just wonderful.”

One word to describe Lisbon? “Fantastic”.