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Does Portuguese have a thing for soups? Yes, and you have to taste this 7 soups

Bread stew

The soup is the basis of a good meal and the Portugueses take this habit very seriously. Served as an entry, an amuse-bouche before the meal or a whole meal by itself, it’s an important sources of intake of vegetables and one of the tricks for a healthier diet. And a snuggled stomach with a soup is half way to soothe the feeling of hunger and to enjoy the meal with other pleasure.

Chicken Soup – Simplicity is the watchword in this soup, which is nothing more than a broth of water from cooking the chicken, which joins onion, rice, giblets and mint. There is a strong belief in their medicinal properties, especially to cure colds.
Chicken Soup

Caldo verde (cabbage soup) – One of the most popular Portuguese soup is made with kale cut into very thin strips. Serve with slices of chorizo, it was nominated for one of the 7 Wonders of Gastronomy in Portugal.
Cabbage soup

Gazpacho – Cold soup where the focus is on tomatoes, cucumber and bell pepper. Very popular in Alentejo and Algarve, is mostly consumed during the summer months. It can be served with slices of bread placed in the bottom of bowls or placed directly in the soup.
Gazpacho soup

Sopa da Pedra (Stone Soup) – It’s one of the traditional Portuguese soups are many people who do not hesitate to go to Almeirim, in the heart of Ribatejo, just to eat the real Stone Soup. Made with red beans, potatoes, onions, garlic, sausage (black sausage, sausage meat, smoked sausage), pork ear, various meats, bay, coriander, salt and pepper, is a real meal.
Stone Soup

Açorda (Bread stew) – Alentejo’s typical soup, the recipe changes from area to area or even depending on the family traditions. Unlike most soups this is not cooked, and the base takes garlic, salt, oil, water and sliced ​​bread, to which was added pennyroyal or coriander. It goes with fried fish or egg (poached or boiled).
Bread stew

Vegetable cream – Perfect for the cooler days, this soup is very nutritious, easy to prepare and economic. The base typically includes potato, carrot or pumpkin, which were reduced to puree when cooked.
Vegetable cream

Fish Soup – The Portuguese coastline and fresh fish make it mandatory to taste a fish soup. The secret is a good fish stock and coriander that makes it one of the most popular soup of Portuguese gastronomy. It works as a main dish and is served with pieces of fish.
Fish Soup