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This Saturday you will turn all colours: It’s Bollywood Holly in Martim Moniz

Bollywood dance

If you are in Lisbon and want to make the most of the next Saturday take this advice: choose your WORST clothing! At least if you are planning to visit Martim Moniz square. The Bollywood Holly Festival is back and promises to paint everything and everyone with colour inks, or Gulal, filling the atmosphere of colour and joy.

The Fusion Market in Martim Moniz is the perfect place to host the festival that emerged as a promoter of peace and integration between different cultures, and it has to be held in Mouraria, the true melting pot of Lisbon.

Besides the explosion of coloured inks, the event hosts the DJ Yash and various dance groups like Atelier Bollywood teacher Vilma Gracias, Payal Ki Jhankar Deewani and Dance Group.

Typical Bollywood dance

For those who still have doubts about the toxicity of paints, organizers ensure that the colourful Bollywood Holi powder is a product made with natural ingredients, is non-toxic, water soluble and biodegradable. Therefore, and for security reasons, it’s not worth to take home paints. The colour powder will be sold exclusively by the organization.

Note: The electronic equipment may not respond very well to the powder, so the use of protective plastic is advisable.
Holi party in Portugal