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A journey from north to south

Young couple and an old man

Charlotte and Benedikt (Germany). When we found them they had just climbed the stairways of S. Cristóvão and took the opportunity to rest in a bench strategically placed at the top of the staircase. A large book of Lonely Planet about Portugal took our attention and we wanted to know what they liked the most in Portugal.

Why did you choose to visit Portugal?
We wanted to learn more about the history of Portugal. We came to spend two weeks and we’ve been in Porto, Coimbra and Nazareth. We arrived today in Lisbon.

So far what do you like the most?
The landscapes in Port and Rio Douro, in Coimbra The University and we went to Nazareth in search of the waves.

You already had the opportunity to eat some of the typical dishes. What do you like most?
The pastel de nata (laughs)!

Before we say goodbye they took the opportunity to ask about the best places to surf in Lisbon and if Faro had good waves because they were thinking to go there after they visit Lisbon. We suggest Sagres, one of the best spots to surf in Algarve.