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7 Wine Bars to go when in Lisbon

Portologia Wine Bar in Lisbon

Portugal has an ancient tradition when it comes to wine production. This beverage is so important in our gastronomy that Portugal is one of the biggest consumers of wine per person in the world.

The value for money of our wine is second to none and many might even envy us for that, but when in Lisbon it is a blessing to be able to enjoy such product with the variety, quality and price that we have. It’s like drinking great wine is a fundamental right we have (and our visitors too, obviously).
Go on a pilgrimage to our “temples of wine” to celebrate this holy beverage and meet the gurus that present us with the best specimens of this Portuguese product that makes us so proud.

Manteigaria Silva (Belém)
Manteigaria Silva (Belém)
The original place is one of the most famous grocery shops where you can find the best Portuguese delicatessens. Recently they opened this fourth place, just next to the Belém Tower, that also has a seating area where you can try their produces, with focus on cheeses and cured hams, and pair them with the great selection of wines. Adding value to this place is the view from their terrace to the Tejo river. In the end you also have the opportunity to buy their products.
Address: Doca do Bom Sucesso (Belém)
Opening hours: 11:30 – 22:30 (every day)

BA Wine Bar do Bairro Alto
BA Wine Bar do Bairro Alto Lisbon
This atmospheric small wine bar has over 200 bottles of Portuguese wine in its shelves. The wine is served by the glass and you surely count on a detailed presentation by the owners. You may have the opportunity to sample Port wine tastings and rare Madeira wines. To eat you have cured hams, cheeses, grilled sausages and canned fish.
Address: Rua da Rosa, 107 (Bairro Alto)
Opening hours: 18:00 – 23:00 (Tuesday to Sunday)
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Wine Bar do Castelo
Wine Bar do Castelo Lisbon
A wine bar suited for wine experts. The owners are so knowledgeable that a glass of wine can become a masterclass. The space is cozy with wooden tables and stones walls. Over 150 Portuguese wines in a cute bar by the St. Jorge castle, being perfect to relax after a visit inside the fortified walls.
Address: Rua Bartolomeu de Gusmão, 13 (Castelo)
Opening hours: 13:00 – 22:00 (every day)
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Garrafeira Alfaia
Garrafeira Alfaia collage Lisbon
You’re the kind of person that could be tasting wines and talking about wine for all eternity? Then this super casual wine bar is definitely your place. Small and intimate. You’ll also find here traditional Portuguese petiscos: codfish and octopus dishes, salads, cheeses, among others. It’s located 2 minutes away from the beautiful viewpoint of São Pedro de Alcântara, inside the streets of Bairro Alto.
Address: Rua do Diário de Notícias, 125 (Bairro Alto)
Opening hours: 15:00 – 01:00 (Thursday to Sunday); 15:00 – 24:00 (Monday and Wednesday)
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Grapes & Bites
Grapes & Bites Bar Lisbon
Wine lovers’ paradise just 2 minutes straight from Luís de Camões square. Their cellar hosts nearly 1000 different wines from Portugueses whites and reds, to a fine selection of vinho verde, Port, Madeira and Moscatel, among others. If you are hungry you have a wide menu here: dried fruits, cheeses, smoked charcuterie, canned fish, alheira (traditional Portuguese sausage based on bread and poultry), scallops, duck leg, just to point some.
Address: Rua do Norte, 83 (Bairro Alto)
Opening hours: 12:00 – 24:00 (every day)
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By the Wine
By the Wine Bar Lisbon
Here, on the way down from Chiado to Cais do Sodré, you’ll find a wide diversity of wines and also delicious specialties to eat. You can have oysters, razor clams, carpaccios, Iberian ham and charcuterie, as well as typical Portuguese cheeses. It has a modern and vibrant ambience, with a beautiful sealing covered with empty green wine bottles.
Adderss: Rua das Flores, 41/43 (Chiado)
Opening hours: 18:00 – 24:00 (Monday); 12:00 – 24:00 (Tuesday to Sunday)
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Portologia Wine Bar in Lisbon
What about Port wine? Located a couple of minutes away from Lisbon’s main square – Praça do Comércio – is this new wine bar dedicated to Port wine, having as well a selection of table wines from Douro region. You can discover here plenty of wines from small producers, even the owner has its own wines. They have different tasting options to get know better this very special Portuguese wine. Pair the wines with the charcuterie, cheeses and chocolates available. On Fridays there is the bonus of a fado show.
Address: Rua de São Julião, 34-36 (Baixa)
Opening hours: 11:00 – 22:30 (every day)
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