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3 friends, 3 days in Lisbon

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We found Sigrid (Estonia), Amanda (Barcelona) and Anna Maria (California) in the elevator of Zambeze restaurant, on the way to St. George’s Castle, and we wanted to know what they think of Lisbon.

Why you chose Lisbon as a travel destination? 
The price of the plane ticket to Sevilla was very expensive. At the same time, some friends told us about Lisbon and so we decided to spend a large weekend to know the city.

Where are you installed? 
In a hotel in Bairro Alto Hotel. It is a beautiful area with a spectacular nightlife.

Have you tried some dishes Portuguese dishes? What do you like most? 
We tasted Portuguese ‘tapas’, octopus and fresh fish, which is very good. Some friends told us that is the best in the world. But the pastel de nata is among the best experiences, as well as Belém.