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There’s a trend that is here to stay: enjoy the city rooftops for a drink, eat some snacks and enjoy the marvellous light of Lisbon until the sun goes down. Is there anything better than this? Just go up to the rooftop of some buildings in the city, a feat within reach even of those who suffer from vertigo. Let’s just face it: we don’t have real skyscrapers and the view of some of these rooftops is breathtaking. If you prefer going down instead, we also have a suggestion.

Take note:

O Topo
It's the new Lisbon rooftop, which means that it’s the latest trend...

Yes, it’s true: not even in the holidays Portuguese stop thinking about food! Even if we go on holiday to Algarve beaches, to the north orin the countryside to visit family there is always a seafood, sardines or crab summer festival.

Often, the food festivals are embedded in popular festivals that liven up the country from north to south and where people celebrate local traditions. These festivals are much awaited by Portuguese emigrants, who return to the country in August to reunite with the family...

Another warm and sunny day in Portugal and sometimes it just sounds right to lay on the grass, or sit on a park bench, having a bite to eat while appreciating time with friends and family. If you already went to our busy streets in Lisbon center and you want to get away from all the noise and cars passing by, go to the nearest garden and relax.  
Put together some of our tasty essentials and enjoy the sun, the birds singing, the kids laughing and feed your soul with the landscape and simple summery comfort food...