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It's common to find in Christmas markets of white Europe, less in the warm winters of its South. We gather for you 8 places where you can taste a good glass of mulled wine in Lisbon.

Portuguese wine lovers say we're spoiling wine and purists say that drinking mulled wine it should be with negative temperatures we have no memory of here in Lisbon. We love wine, and we love hot wine, we don’t care! We also have an ice rink at Praça do Comércio and Lisbon only snowed once or twice!

Our apologizes to purists: it doesn't snow in Lisbon, we don’t suffer from negative temperatures, but that does not mean we cannot enjoy a glass of mulled wine as many times as we feel like...

'I’ll never ever drink in my life!' The promise, spoken from the heart after one more night out, it’s full of good intentions, but of no use to ease the headache and dry mouth once you wake up after last fabulous New Year's Eve party night! 

Promises, promises. So what’s next? Calories and something cool to drink! This is the ideal Portuguese menu for a hangover and anything goes: pizzas, burgers and chips, francesinhas or even kebab's. As long as it has calorie it’s all good and each one has its own 'healing' process...

There’s a trend that is here to stay: enjoy the city rooftops for a drink, eat some snacks and enjoy the marvellous light of Lisbon until the sun goes down. Is there anything better than this? Just go up to the rooftop of some buildings in the city, a feat within reach even of those who suffer from vertigo. Let’s just face it: we don’t have real skyscrapers and the view of some of these rooftops is breathtaking. If you prefer going down instead, we also have a suggestion.

Take note:

O Topo
It's the new Lisbon rooftop, which means that it’s the latest trend...