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In Lisbon, the month of June is synonymous of party and celebration. In every corner there is a neighbourhood party or ‘arraial’ where the queen is always the same: sardine! This small fish is grilled over coals and served simply with a drizzle of olive oil on a slice of bread. Keep it simple and enjoy it!

This month, when the city celebrates St. Anthony, its patron saint, Lisbon is invaded by a characteristic fog and an unmistakable smell of sardines: smells nice, smells like Lisbon, like the song!

Let yourself be captivated by the joy of neighbourhood’s parties and do not ask for just one sardine: taste half a dozen! The culmination of the Saint Anthony Festival is scheduled for the evening of June 12 to 13, with the Marches, representing the various neighbourhoods that in the evening parade down Avenida da Liberdade...

Is there a life after work? Indeed! To the British is going to a pub and drink some beer, Spanish love tapas and cañas, and in Lisbon we can’t resist some good old tidbits. Like ‘peixinhos da horta’, octopus with lots of olive oil or the traditional dish of snails!

When the weather begins to warm any cafe or tavern serves Portuguese tidbits with an ice cold beer. But there are many other tidbits to taste:
Snails - After thoroughly washed, the snails are cooked with olive oil, onion and garlic, accompanied with an ingredient that gives a special touch to this tidbit: generous doses of oregano!   Peixinhos da horta (Little fish of the garden) - Despite the name, this tidbit is made with chunks of cooked green bean wrapped in polme, which is then fried in hot oil...

For the Portuguese, coffee is a true national passion and you don’t want to play with these subject. There are several ways to order a coffee and there are names for everything, depending on how one serves and what it serves. The ‘bica’, as they say in Lisbon, can be ‘curta’/short (stronger), normal, ‘quase cheia’/nearly full or ‘cheia’/full (weaker) depending on the amount. It can be served in cold or hot cup and some people like a ‘garoto’ (with a little milk), ‘pingado’ (with a little cold milk), ‘carioca’ (weak coffee), ‘meia de leite’ (highest cup with milk), ‘descafeinado’ or ‘café com cheirinho’/coffee with 'smell' (with a little mulch / brandy)...