real people, real food


The old bakery in Rua de S. Cristóvão, Mouraria, has been closed for many years. The first signs that something was changing began to emerge in the window, were it was strategically placed large green lanterns. It was the start of Leopold, an intimate restaurant where experimentation is the key ingredient.

Tiago Feio, former souschef of Largo restaurant, is the responsible for experimentalist food, where he plays with the texture and presentation. One example is the dish Vegetables on Earth, that we had opportunity to taste, and where the carrot is presented in the 'land', which is nothing more than carob and cocoa...

Charlotte and Benedikt (Germany). When we found them they had just climbed the stairways of S. Cristóvão and took the opportunity to rest in a bench strategically placed at the top of the staircase. A large book of Lonely Planet about Portugal took our attention and we wanted to know what they liked the most in Portugal.

Why did you choose to visit Portugal?
We wanted to learn more about the history of Portugal...

When in Rome do as romans and in Lisbon ... do as ‘alfacinhas’! To start the day, the typical lisboeta likes to have breakfast at the cafe in the neighborhood, and in Mouraria, Leitaria Moderna is the morning meeting point for the inhabitants of the neighborhood. This is the spot where they say Good Morning and listen the local news of the previous day. The ‘Tuga’  breakfast includes a coffee or a 'galão' (glass of hot milk with coffee) or a 'meia de leite' (large cup of hot milk with coffee) accompanied by toasted bread with butter, or a sandwich with ham and cheese or pastel de nata with a coffee...