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Bacalhau. Even though this word is Portuguese for cod the truth is that, when anyone says bacalhau here in Portugal, we are referring to salted cod, which for us is the default. The Portuguese love affair with salted cod has been going strong for over 500 years.

Portuguese waters are abundant in fish, yet cod isn’t one of the species available. So how is it that the most representative fish of Portuguese cuisine isn’t even from here? It all started with the Portuguese maritime explorations, by the 15th Century...

The warm season has officially started here in Lisbon! If locals tend to eagerly await the good weather to enjoy time outdoors, this year, after about 2 months in lockdown, you bet we are all craving to go outside. Of course, we are still respecting social distancing and observing certain restrictions so that all the effort that has been made to keep everyone safe keeps paying off. 

Right now, being outdoors is preferred by most and, thankfully here in Lisbon, we have plenty to keep us entertained without having to be under a roof...