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Since the quarantine started here in Portugal, we have been sharing the best of Portuguese food and culture online with you. New challenges bring new opportunities as well and, sometimes, they end up being pretty tasty ones!   On the last session of Taste of Lisboa at Home, our regular Sunday live sessions on Instagram, we had a very special guest...

We know that many of the visitors who travel to Lisbon do so enticed by the things that make our country stand out: the scenic beauty, the warm weather, extremely welcoming people and, of course, Portuguese food!

Attending a dinner with live Fado music is one of the quintessential experiences you can enjoy in Lisbon. It doesn’t matter if it sounds too cliché. It is indeed an experience that you can’t enjoy anywhere else in the world and, as such, we certainly recommend it...

If you celebrated Easter, we hope you had a lovely Easter Sunday!

Yesterday, following our very own tradition, we were live on Instagram to bring a little bit of the taste of Portugal to you, even if in the distance. Apart from our usual Taste of Lisboa at Home session, at 7PM local time, we did an impromptu live to share with you