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Taste of Lisboa’s food & cultural experiences take place mostly in our capital city. That doesn’t mean that, in here, we don’t get to enjoy food and drinks from all over the country. In Lisbon it’s fairly easy to come by dishes from different corners of Portugal. Yet, to try specific regional recipes, it is often required to, if not travel to those regions, at least seek specialized restaurants...

Portuguese cuisine is unquestionably tasty, but it isn’t known as the lightest cuisine out there. Our typical dishes are what many would describe as comfort food. Hearty stews. Addictive fritters. Desserts galore. Plenty of coffee breaks paired with pastries… You name it! This is exactly what makes Portugal such as great destination for food loving travelers!
Starting the year, after the excesses of food and drinks that are common during the festivities of Christmas and New Year’s celebrations, many prefer to follow a lighter diet...