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Alice, the vegan guru who wants to change the menus of Portuguese traditional restaurants

Alice, vegan guru in Lisbon

Some argue that vegetarian restaurants will never be very popular in Lisbon, but Alice, 32, has managed to do precisely the opposite: her restaurant, The Food Temple is a 5 star rated by Happy Cow – TripAdvisor of healthy restaurants. Lisboners and travelers all around the world get lost in Mouraria to be able to…

Do you want to taste the gastronomic creations of one of Lisbon favorite chefs? Our food tour takes you to Leopold

Chef cooking

Since it opened doors, at Rua de S. Cristóvão, in Mouraria, that Leopold caught the eye by its minimalist décor or the inventions of Tiago Feio. The chef who has no stove and prefers to cook with steam manages to surprise with its gastronomic creations, turning each dish into a true work of art. Recently,…

Ali – A Pakistani who enjoys Portuguese food

Ali, grocery store owner in Lisbon

It was in Portugal, where he lives for 15 years, that Ali discovered his talent for cooking. He worked at a restaurant on Av. da Liberdade and ensures that his vegetable quiche was a success. Now he works at Ali grocery store, near Church of St. Christopher, and when we asked ‘What do you like…

Nuno Franco, Mouraria´s Community Mediator

Nuno Franco in Mouraria, Lisbon

Living in Mouraria for 35 years, nobody knows the neighborhood better than him and he is dedicated to help those in need. Among the guided tours to tourists and locals, we wanted to hear the story of someone who talks a lot, but also learned to listen. How are you connected to Mouraria? My father…